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Greetings from the Chairman of the Board

Johnston Lee Harnett Community Action has showcased the rich, illustrious history of community service from 1966 to 2019.
Our board consists of 18 members representing three counties from the public, private and disadvantaged sectors.  Through challenging times, with prayer, perseverance and determination, we have overcome all obstacles.
Our dream of a new administration building became a reality in 2012.  The land was deeded to us by the Board of Education and the Johnston County Commissioners in 2001, it was an uphill struggle.  And we thank all of our supporters for keeping the faith with us.
Thanks to the executive director and the staff for your dedicated commitment to serve the disadvantaged citizens of Johnston, Lee and Harnett Counties.
The board acknowledges and thanks all county agencies, churches and organizations for their help in making it possible for citizens to prepare themselves for a better life.
When you consider the ever increasing threats to the well-being of our disadvantaged population as well as potential opportunities, we are even more committed to “Helping People – Changing Lives”.


Mrs. Melissa Johnson
Board Chair


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