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Weatherization Assistance Program



The Weatherization Assistance Program is a Federal program managed by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. It is designed to help residents who meet federal low-income guidelines to lower their energy usage and costs. This is achieved by home weatherization and client education.

Weatherizing a home involves conducting an energy assessment to identifying the most cost –effective energy improvements that need to be performed on the dwelling, and then making those improvements at no cost to the household.

The three major improvements performed in home weatherization are:

  •  Health and Safety 

    • ​​Reducing excessive air infiltration

    • Reducing heat loss through attics, walls and floor

    • Tuning or otherwise making the heating and air systems more efficient

  • HARRP- Heating and Air Replacement Program: designed to assist clients experiencing inoperable units.


Day to Day life of Weatherization 

 Weatherization  Field Trip Training


Weatherization Field Trip Training 

April 22, 2022, Smithfield, NC

As part of the JLHCA Board of Directors Annual Training, members took a field trip to see a Weatherization Project taht was completed in Johnston County.  This allowed Board Members to view, observe and understand various aspects of the Weatherization Program.


Wayne Bodrick

Energy & Housing Director


919-934-2145 ext 138 (Office)

919-634-8633 (Cell Phone)

Regina Hampton
Housing Technician 

919-934-2145 ext 137 (Office)

Troy Murray Jr
Energy Auditor


919-934-2145 ext 142 (Office)
919-634-5328 (Cell)

Ricardo Saines

Assistant Energy Coordinator
919-934-2145 x143

Hugo Pacheco

Energy Auditor

919-934-2145 ext 136 (Office)

919-270-2592 (Cell)


Weatherization Income Levels

Weatherization Application

Landlord-Tenant Agreement

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