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HUD Counseling Services 


Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action, Inc. is a HUD certified agency that assists clients through a full-time HUD certified counselor with the following programs:

  • Pre-Purchase Counseling

  • Homebuyer Education

  • Mortgage Default Counseling

  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling


Pre-Purchase Counseling


In order to be a successful homeowner it is important to learn what responsibilities are required before taking the final step of homeownership. Pre-Purchase Counseling starts with an evaluation of the applicants specific goals and financial means to get there.   If clients are not financially stable our program will assist with budget development, credit and credit score repair. Moving forward, clients are assisted with mortgage programs to help with financing, and down payment assistance through various state and federal resources. The Pre-Purchase process works closely with the Homebuyer Education program. All clients who want to purchase a home must work in the Homebuyer Education program, but not all clients who want the Homebuyer Education are required to enroll in the Pre-Purchase counseling. 

FEE: No fee for one-on-one counseling sessions

Homebuyer Education


Homebuyer Education is a service we offer when clients are ready to inquire or obtain education concerning first steps to homeownership. Participants are offered information and materials to educate in specific areas of financial development, budgeting, credit repair and credit building.  Available mortgage products, shopping for a mortgage, roles of involved parties in the purchasing and closing process, down payment mortgage assistance, and post purchase responsibilities are also important areas that are addressed. 

FEE: A $15.00 fee may apply for an individual and $25.00 for a couple

To learn more about available products and information for housing assistance contact the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency at:

Mortgage Default/Foreclosure Assistance


When the uncertainties of life result in financial instability to the point of default or even foreclosure of your mortgage, our HUD counselor is here to offer services to educate and intervene. She is trained to sort through the confusion to help you find the most appropriate solution to your mortgage crisis. Solutions may include assisting with modification packets, discussing work out options with your lender, or assisting with government approved programs to intervene.  For applicants who need more specialized assistance, referrals are provided to local and state legal entities. 

You may also contact the North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Project at

FEE: No fee for Default and Foreclosure assistance.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling


Reverse Mortgage (HECM) clients are required by the Federal Government to obtain HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) counseling before starting the Reverse Mortgage loan process. Applicants may initiate the counseling prior to seeing a lender, or the lender will provide a HUD approved counselor list. The agency and the counselor must be HUD approved. JLHCA is a HUD approved agency. ALL clients who want counselor services for the RM must provide intake information over the phone with the counselor or intake staff. A packet with estimates and other beneficial information will be sent to the client prior to the appointment. This assures the homeowner has time to review the estimates and is introduced to the role of the HECM counselor.  An appointment will be scheduled at the intake session for a future date. 

Contact the agency directly to schedule an appointment. Ask for the Reverse Mortgage counselor.

FEE: Clients who are 200% above the poverty level may be charged a counseling fee of $150.00.


JLHCA, INC no longer has an onsite counselor for HUD Counseling.  Please see the number below for assistance.


HUD Certified Counselor



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